The Planting Process

1 - Prior to digging, tree branches are neatly tied up using our tree tyer. This will avoid breaking branches and will make transporting easier on the highway. 

2 - During the summer and early fall tree is watered the day before digging the tree. Up to 120 gallons of water for a tree this size. 


3 - Hole is first dug at customer's property using one of our truck spades. The soil plug is taken back to the tree farm and dropped in a hole from previous dug tree. 

4 - Tree is dug using our truck mounted tree spade. This is a 90" tree spade. Root ball and tree will weigh over 10,000 pounds. We also
have a 45" and a 65" truck mounted tree spade for smaller trees.

- Tree is transported to its new home

 - Tree is planted at its new home

7 - Tree is top dressed with triple mix soil and mulch.

- Tree branches are untied and ready for a good drink of water.